Arithmo features

  • Fun and very addictive
  • Builds and sharpens math skills, logical deduction and reasoning
  • Provides a strong and rewarding feeling of progress and accomplishment
  • Requires no language skills - can be played and understood by the entire world
  • Wide range of shapes, sizes, logical combinations and difficulty levels for all players
  • Endless variations; no two puzzles are the same
  • All Arithmo puzzles have a unique solution - you really CAN solve every puzzle!
  • Arithmo reflects valuable life lessons!

Arithmo puzzles aren't played only once and then put on a dusty shelf, because there are virtually limitless possibilities with Arithmo. Arithmo challenges you to improve your play every single time. There are tons of different variations on the game, so find the one that suits you the most! Every player can find a game he or she likes.

Every Arithmo game, and the task within the game, is as different as possible. With this quality, Arithmo will never become boring to you. And that's what you expect out of a great game - fun and quality at the same time.

Arithmo causes active learning. Active learning facilitates your memory by helping you attend to and process information. Even if you attended every lecture and read every assignment in school, there is no guarantee that you will learn and remember the information, right? Studies actually show that you probably wont, because we only remember a small percentage of the things we hear. Although you may passively absorb some material, ensuring that you remember important information requires being active and involved. Arithmo will never fail to engage you and pull you right into the experience.

Furthermore, Arithmo strives to teach young and elder players alike a little bit about life. Every set of instructions in the Arithmo book gives us valuable pieces of life advice that the young can learn from, and that the more experienced can reflect on and acknowledge to be true. These lessons provide a valuable opportunity to teach yourself, your family, or your students not only about math but also about issues of the heart and about life. Arithmo is the game that cares about you and your family!

While playing Arithmo puzzles you become completely focused on searching for the best solution for the puzzle, without even realizing it! And this focus is the active learning tool which exercises the left and right brain skills needed to succeed in Arithmo (and indeed, in life). How many games can make you have fun while they help you learn without you even realizing it? We know of one that guarantees it - Arithmo.

There's only one problem: Clinical studies show Arithmo addiction causes players to stop caring about performing basic daily tasks necessary to survival! So don't forget to eat while you play "we don't want to lose any loyal fans!"