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Attention all puzzle lovers, all students, all teachers, all parents, all math geniuses, and anyone who is looking for a fresh challenge, struggling to learn math, searching for an educational tool without all the gimmicks, or who simply loves to have fun: ARITHMO IS HERE!

Arithmo is the newest addition to the age-old family of puzzle games, and it is one of the most clever, innovative, challenging, and educational puzzles ever created. For puzzle fans, Arithmo is a never-ending stream of challenges to conquer and a veritable treasure trove of creativity and mind-stimulating entertainment. “Arithmo” itself is simply the family name of the game, but within it are many variations of the puzzle. It’s like having dozens of games in one, and it’s guaranteed to awaken the genius in each of us.

Arithmo (Greek for ‘number’) seems so simple to play – it’s a wonder that it could be so addictive! Designed to flex and stretch the mental muscles, promote creativity, reasoning and inner genius Arithmo improves mathematics skills more than any other game. Whether you are in the mood for a complex brainteaser, a simple math and logic conundrum, or a fun family activity, Arithmo is the “Game Designed with One’s Mind in Mind!”

All of the puzzles on this site take some brainpower to solve, but that’s why we play puzzles to begin with, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it’s easy to get into the flow of Arithmo puzzles and you’ll soon find yourself conquering one game after another. Each puzzle requires only rudimentary mathematics skills and you’ll find all of the puzzles worth solving. We have mathematically proven the existence of a finite set of patterns and solutions for our Arithmo puzzles so you know there is always an answer to any given puzzle, even if it momentarily eludes your grasp.

The development of puzzles can be traced back as early as 320 B.C. At that time, however, they were designed to be enjoyed by only a select group of privileged individuals. Today, puzzle games are some of the most diverse and widely available forms of entertainment around the world and there are a thousand varieties of puzzles designed for any game lover. Now that’s progress!

Arithmo attracts people on a number of skill levels: You can try the “the piece of cake” level and ascend until you reach the “master” level – at which point you can truly be called a genius! The puzzles are so diverse and assorted that you’ll never grow bored of the new challenges presented to you with each game.

Nothing else can both educate you and challenge you the way Arithmo will, or train your brain to develop critical thinking and math skills while bringing you so much fun. Other games are a pleasant diversion, but there simply is no other game like Arithmo. You’ll simply love it, and you’ll feel the pure pleasure of discovering the Arithmo world of puzzles and enjoy playing them alone, with family, or friends.

Arithmo is quickly becoming an international phenomenon appealing to both the young and old, teacher and student, as well as the serious and casual puzzle lovers of all skill levels. So accept the challenge of Arithmo to become a puzzle master and the personal rewards that it promises.

Arithmo features

Arithmo puzzles aren’t played only once and then put on a dusty shelf, because there are virtually limitless possibilities with Arithmo. Arithmo challenges you to improve your play every single time. There are tons of different variations on the game, so find the one that suits you the most! Every player can find a game he or she likes.

Every Arithmo game, and the task within the game, is as different as possible. With this quality, Arithmo will never become boring to you. And that’s what you expect out of a great game – fun and quality at the same time.

Arithmo promotes active learning. Active learning facilitates your memory by helping you attend to and process information. Even if you attended every lecture and read every assignment in school, there is no guarantee that you will learn and remember the information, right? Studies actually show that you probably wont, because we only remember a small percentage of the things we hear. Although you may passively absorb some material, ensuring that you remember important information requires being active and involved. Arithmo will never fail to engage you and pull you right into the experience.

While playing Arithmo puzzles you become completely focused on searching for the best solution for the puzzle, without even realizing it. And this focus is the active learning tool which exercises the left and right brain skills needed to succeed in Arithmo (and indeed, in life). How many games entertain and engage your mind so effortlessly? We know of one that guarantees it – Arithmo.

There’s only one problem: Clinical studies show Arithmo addiction causes players to stop caring about performing basic daily tasks necessary to survival! So don’t forget to eat while you play “we don’t want to lose any loyal fans!”

Arithmo skill levels

All Arithmo puzzles are designed with skill levels in mind to engage and entertain beginners and experts alike. Players will find that practice and skill will help and once you become a practiced player, you can ascend to the more challenging levels of each game.

Move over, Sudoku! Arithmo is coming!

By now, you’ve no doubt heard of Sudoku – the Japanese logic puzzle played by millions of puzzle lovers. Sudoku is simple to play, fun and challenging, but as good as Sudoku is (and we don’t dispute that claim to fame!), Arithmo still takes the puzzle concept several dimensions and light years forward and is the future of the number puzzle.

Besides logic, Arithmo also makes extensive use of basic arithmetic operations such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The more one plays Arithmo puzzles, the more skills that player develops. This is something that no other puzzle can provide: memory, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as strategic thinking, are sharpened every time you play an Arithmo puzzle. Most puzzles only challenge you on one level of mental ability, but Arithmo challenges all of your mental capabilities at the same time. Nothing else can offer this kind of experience – especially for true puzzle fans!

Arithmo offers more brain teasing fun than Sudoku and compels you to use your logic while adding a new depth and dimension to an old game. Sudoku may make you use basic reasoning, but it can never teach you math itself, or sharpen your critical thinking skills like Arithmo can. Sudoku simply isn’t set up to do it and we don’t blame it, because no other game is either. Only Arithmo combines logic and math in ways that no other game ever could. It’s the most fun and entertaining puzzle you will ever play. Simply put, Arithmo is Sudoku’s big brother with attitude – you are hands-down guaranteed to love it!

Many puzzle games are large, complicated things involving huge grids and tons of numbers flooding you with complexity before you even start the game. Arithmo games use only 4, 6, or 9 numbers on a grid that’s usually as small as 2×2 or 2×3! But Arithmo easily creates as much entertainment and challenges as other popular puzzles, and trains your brain at the same time in ways that no other game ever can. Once you read the instructions and understand the basic concept behind Arithmo, you can jump right into most of the variations of the puzzle.

Arithmo will delight and exercise your mind while providing wholesome entertainment. See for yourself – solve one of the thousands of Arithmo puzzles and you will be hooked.

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