Arithmo skill levels

All Arithmo puzzles are designed with skill levels in mind to engage and entertain beginners and experts alike. Players will find that practice and skill will help and once you become a practiced player, you can ascend to the more challenging levels of each game.

Move Over, Sudoku! Arithmo Coming Through!

By now, you've no doubt heard of Sudoku - the Japanese logic puzzle played by millions of puzzle lovers. Sudoku is simple to play, fun and challenging, but as good as Sudoku is (and we don't dispute that claim to fame!), Arithmo still takes the puzzle concept several dimensions and light years forward and is the future of the number puzzle.

Besides logic, Arithmo also makes extensive use of basic arithmetic operations such as, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The more one plays Arithmo puzzles, the more skills that player develops. This is something that no other puzzle can provide: memory, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as strategic thinking, are sharpened every time you play an Arithmo puzzle. Most puzzles only challenge you on one level of mental ability, but Arithmo challenges all of your mental capabilities at the same time. Nothing else can offer this kind of experience - especially for true puzzle fans!

Arithmo offers more brain teasing fun than Sudoku and compels you to use your logic while adding a new depth and dimension to an old game. Sudoku may make you use basic reasoning, but it can never teach you math itself, or sharpen your critical thinking skills like Arithmo can. Sudoku simply isn't set up to do it and we don't blame it, because no other game is either. Only Arithmo combines logic and math in ways that no other game ever could. It's the most fun and entertaining puzzle you will ever play. Simply put, Arithmo is Sudoku's big brother with attitude - you are hands-down guaranteed to love it!

Many puzzle games are large, complicated things involving huge grids and tons of numbers flooding you with complexity before you even start the game. Arithmo games use only 4, 6, or 9 numbers on a grid that's usually as small as 2x2 or 2x3! But Arithmo easily creates as much entertainment and challenge as other popular puzzles, as well as training your brain at the same time in ways that no other game ever can. Once you read the instructions and understand the basic concept behind Arithmo, you can jump right into most of the variations of the puzzle.

Arithmo will delight and exercise your mind while providing wholesome entertainment. See for yourself - solve one of the thousands of Arithmo puzzles and you will be hooked.